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Off-Topic / Technological Mecca
« on: November 26, 2011, 06:06:35 »
This is to tech lovers like arparso...

here is a mecca for technology... ENJOY!

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: November 26, 2011, 06:01:36 »
Old Dragon:

sorry i have not replied in a LONG time. but i finally have some things on my campaign updated.

heres the link again.,342.msg2412.html#new

on a side note: i cant believe this topic is nearing it's 100th reply... THIS IS CRAZY! :D

Mod Development / Released Mods / Re: FINALLY GOT THE SKETCHES UP
« on: November 24, 2011, 04:47:52 »
sorry for the MASSIVE time i have been absent... but i now have ALL of the model sketches up on photobucket.

These are up for grabs for anyone to model, if you cant read some of my writing (i know its sloppy) ill gladly type it off to you via a reply. GOOD LUCK!

i want to have the models before i go any further in development of the campaign... if anyone wanted to know why i took so long. :I

Once i have the models for the xiion ships i will start making skeletons of the missions i have yet to make. THEN deal with all the coding and such i will need to do.

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: November 12, 2011, 04:32:15 »
Ok.... before i even got to your changes i ran into some problems.

1) the raptors dont even budge now.

2) raptor 'trap' isnt sprung when player ships are close enough to Nav point.

on a side note:

3) already solved the location problem, just a little bit of the ''<--- BACKSPACE'' button was necessary, since you had the original location still written in the document.

4) carried the files over into an 8th mission (YOUR edit of the Atlantis mission) if you ever need an original of one of the files, just let me know and ill gladly let you download it.

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: November 12, 2011, 04:17:15 »
Alright, im about to test it out myself. As that saying goes 'two heads are better than one'...  ;)

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: November 09, 2011, 21:58:10 »
Sorry i took so long to state this, the sound came back alive for me.... ^^'

anyways, i looked at your edited version of my seventh mission Old Dragon, it's looking mighty good. :o

my only questions are:
1: why did you put the DefLocation in the Atrox system?
2: Can i play this in the editor as is?

Scripting / Re: Jump gates
« on: November 09, 2011, 21:54:43 »
JEEZ... why do those stinking jump gates have to be so darn elusive!  >:(

OK, computer is fully functional again... thank god... :D

anyway i finished up the sketches for all the Xiion basic ships, though im thinking about maybe adding in a sort of 'Boss' class of ship. im not too sure though.

Once i get all the scans up, ill THEN tackle putting them up somehow, then after i get feedback for each of the models i will then start that SVN thing mularac talked about. Which might be AFTER november.... if im predicting correctly.

Ive been messing around in X3:TC too, soo cut a little slack for me. ;)

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: November 06, 2011, 22:52:29 »
Now i have MORE good news and bad news...

Good news is my computer is running again, it turned out to be a faulty fan.

the bad news is my sound refuses to work now.....  >:(

Okay... thats going to be a tad tricky...

anyway, i got another update, i am nearly done with sketching up simple designs of the Xiion ships, i just finished the second destroyer, the cruiser, and the battleship and carrier designs, i also have some models for some of the race's turrets (including the model for the flak). as well as for some 'advanced' weapons (more powerful than other races could possibly have).

One of them is based off of the freespace laser shown in videos aparso put up for the freespace topic in this same board. I call it the 'Lancer', it is a super-charged laser beam capable of both piercing shields and also draining a good chunk of energy out of the target ship.

Another is the Plasma Chaingun, another idea i got based off aparso's freespace mod vids. Specifically i got it off of the chaingun like weapon seen in one of the videos.

When it is once again possible i will scan the sketches and see if i cant find a way to put them up without any hurdles.

I really appreciate that you guys are taking some of you're time to assit me in this endeavor, i dont think i could have gotten this far without all the support here from the Nexus Skirmisher Forum. The only question i have is what is keeping aparso from jumping into this topic? this seems like something he'd LOVE to delve into.

Anyway the sketch i have for the battleship is somewhat identical to the Orion Destroyer from Freespace. As is the carrier (which looks pretty much like the battleship, but has eight hangar doors in the roof of the ship's main hull.) I have yet to decide what the fighters and bombers will look like, but i think i will utilize the 'Kamikaze' weapon me and mularac discussed in the scripting board.

I hope you guys dont mind it if i cant make the models myself and that im asking the community for assistance in that matter for my project. Again i want to state that anyone who assists in the slightest bit is definitely going to have their name put in the credits of this sucker once i get it together.

I also may have figured out how the last mission will go... it will be a almost apocalyptic battle, with the Xiion Overmind (a massive ship that is the size of a planet) looming over the battle, ominously awaiting the outcome. Im thinking of having two parts to the last mission, sortof like adding a 19th. Again in the fashion of nexus, except starring the inside of the Xiion overmind's hull. The model for it may be based off of another X3 ship that seems perfect for such a role as that.

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: November 04, 2011, 00:28:30 »
Ive got good news and rather bad news....

 the good news is im able to check on here via my dad's laptop, thank GOD we have three computers.

the bad news is my desktop has gone on the fritz, so until our tech whiz neighbor figures out the problem and fixes it, i will be on the laptop.

anyway that is good to hear dragon. i got more news on my campaign topic in the mods board.

Off-Topic / Let the Hilarity ENSUE!!!!!!!!
« on: October 28, 2011, 04:00:47 »
just watch this and see if you think its funny.... :P

Knox's Korner- Bungee Jumping Time!

I consider this one of the funniest claymations out there....

... but then theres THIS ONE.....  ;D

Knox Korner - pankake mines

1. ill look into that on sunday, im not doing very much with the missions except fine tuning the systems they will be in.

2. i got the scan for the first three models, but for some dumb reason they wont load onto the board... any suggestions?

1. okay... how and where do i get this stuff?

2. another update, i got sketches down for three of the ships for the Xiion! ill get them scanned and onto a computer to show everyone as soon as possible, probably this weekend. (thank goodness the printer hooked up to my computer has a built in scanner.  ;))

Again i can't get or use a modeller due to issues at home that could fire up, so im throwing these sketches up into the air for anyone to make 3d models of and post em up here.

to whoever takes up the challenge when i do put the sketches up, happy modelling!

For the moment im focusing on finishing off the 'Skeletons' for the 18 missions i have in mind, THEN ill 'fill' them in. Just like i am for the mission im working on right now. THEN i'll get to that point. but thanks for the tip mularac, ill definitely take note of that.

 Although i doubt this will get as popular as anything aparso could possibly whip up...  :P

(i also forgot about the nexus wiki, i will also be adding that on to the credits as well)

I have now decided i WILL DEFINITELY make this series of 18 missions into a campaign. Again, any support with models for the Xiion would greatly be appreciated (and again i WILL add contributors to the credits for the campaign, as in ANY help with coding, models, etc., with even the SMALLEST contribution. currently that would be Mularac, OldDragon, and GeoModder on the credits list so far).

Hmm, although these ARE interesting... they are not what im looking for... sorry geomodder...


the one model that DID somewhat interest me was the missile frigate from that website, the shape of the model is somewhat like what im looking for as one of my race's destroyers. However i did not like the fact it was based on the old school style ships.

Im looking for something more like THESE ships... but with a NEXUS feel to them. Again the Orion destroyer from freespace 2 (see The Freespace 2 subject made by aparso) is VERY close to something im looking for. the only three issues i see with that model are that it isnt exactly shaped as if a machine made it, the odd ball purple color i saw in the picture of it, and the models for the turrets, other than that it was perfect.

EDIT: heres the link geomodder,,52.0.html

These are also from X3: Terran Conflict

NOTE ALSO: the Xiion race i created are NOT just ALIENS, they're MACHINES, similar to the MECHANOIDS, only they're sentient machines and not some god-like AI.

I also want to state that if anyone plans on replying here, READ ALL MY POSTS IN THIS SUBJECT CAREFULLY! I feel like i have failed to convey my intentions when someone misses something i previously stated. so MAKE SURE YOU KNOW this subject INSIDE AND OUT, is what im saying.

Mod Development / Released Mods / Re: UPDATE: RACE CREATED!
« on: October 25, 2011, 03:03:09 »
yesterday my internet was down for about three hours, so i took that time to create the new race for my future campaign, i am pleased to say i perfectly nailed it (in terms of how to correctly code it).

I also managed to sucsessfully create a test ship class for the race. now all i need are some ship models and weapons fire effects and ill be good to go with completing the Xiion race.

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: October 23, 2011, 04:03:26 »
Great. Im glad your making progress with that.

take your time man, its not like im on a schedule, work on the campaign starts whenever i get to it....

Scripting / Re: The AI and You
« on: October 22, 2011, 22:11:38 »
Old Dragon-

  I got a subject now opened up over possibly incorporating this mission into a campaign later on.... heres the link.,342.msg2364.html#new

  The only problem with creating all this... including the Xiion race and its ships, i cannot create the ships due to the fact i do not possess a modeller nor do i think i can get one without causing issues at home.

  If anyone is willing to help out with that, let me know. I was thinking of making credits for this campaign, so if i can figure that out ill add in anyone who chips in on this bad boy, i was also going to put the entire nexus skirmisher community on the credits (once i figure out how to make them that is). But that is one of the final steps, im still near the beginning of my project.

To anyone considering assisting with modelling, i reccomend you read my previous posts in this subject.

ALSO NOTE: im NOT intending on keeping this sucker PRIVATE when i complete it!

Mod Development / Released Mods / Re: The Xiion
« on: October 22, 2011, 07:18:13 »
Just wanted to lay out my plans for this race...

1: The Xiion have their own ships, three corvette classes, two destroyer classes, two cruiser classes, a battleship class (a modified version of Freespace's orion destroyer), and a carrier class.

2: completely unique weapons, shields, supports and engines for the race.

3: Xiion vessels have more armor and tougher shields than ships of other races. Many of their weapons have devastating potential.

and now into the vessels, heres what i think one of the Xiion Destroyer classes should look like.

these two images come from X3: Terran Conflict if you didnt know.

I own a copy of that game.... and i have yet to get as SINGLE one of the most badass fighters in the game, the xenon LX, its freaking AWESOME... theres a picture of it below the two pics i have for the destroyer model.

On a side note, the other ship is the Terran Vidar. Its like the Mustang Super-Snake of Corvettes in X3, and i am lucky to own one in that game  ;)

and ill give everyone a cliffhanger with mission 12...

Mission 12: NDF command has litterally wet itself...

The four smaller, white stars that orbit the Violet, super hot Xiios star are the work of the Xiion!
The vardrags are absolutely awe struck by the news, saying that technology is millenia ahead of their state of the art systems. Based on studies from the black meteor project, the program that oversaw the reverse engineering of a mechanoid, the mechanoids seemed incapable of such a task as creating a star... apparently from almost nothing.

The ability to destroy can be a great power... But the ability to create? It is only something the gods of ancient human lore were believed to be capable of. Now, before every living things eyes, the Xiion have created their own stars to their own benefit.

The reason the Xiion created these four extra stars is currently unknown. Could they be using light to power their vessels somehow? or do they use light to construct their infrastructure and warships?

Answers to those questions can wait, for a golden oppurtunity awaits the Covenant fleet. The chance to capture an intact, abandoned, Xiion warship.

and now the 3 missions following mission 9...

Mission 10: After the mysterious encounter near the white cruiser wreck in the wreckyard, the NDF is now on high alert, could this be another form of the mechanoids? could the jupiter incident be repeating itself all over again?

It has been three days since the dangerous encounter, and already the NDF scouts have found something.

It is a base, designed by unknown hands, built into several asteroids.

the covenant has been ordered to go to this area, sneak through any defenses, and investigate.

Mission 11: After successfully gaining data on the base, the NDF then swiftly attacked it, destroying it and anything else that got in the way. However the fleet that mounted the assault lost six of the nine vessels that were part of the siege.

with the mysterious threat aparrently removed, the NDF has found another gate to another system. The covenant fleet is ordered to act as the NDF advance fleet and get a small foothold on the other side of this gate established.

After a few hours of entering  this new system, one thing is apparent, there are not just one or two stars in this system, there are five.

There is another thing apparent though, there is a small gorg raiding fleet barrelling towards the gate! However the fleet is too small to be an attempt to eradicate the fortress on the other side of the gate, why would they be attacking with such a small force? With a battleship, two cruisers, the covenant and the X-ship blocking their way to the gate, what chance do they have of even passing the covenant fleet?

Mission 12: The NDF is baffled. A pair of the mysterious ships, the exact same type encountered at Hel, gated into the scene, annihilated the gorg fleet, and gave the covenant fleet a run for their money. If reinforcements had not arrived in time, it is likely that the Covanent fleet may have been lost.

The most chilling news of all, however, is that the NDF has confirmed this is not the mechanoids doing. NDF intel does suggest, though, that these are machines, not biological creatures. The NDF has designated this new and twistedley powerful race the Xiion, after the newly discovered system's name, Xiios.

The NDF has ordered the Covenant fleet, along with the aid of two extra battleships, to investigate the inner Xiios system and find out as much as possible. What will the Covenant fleet discover?

Anyways i have the next 4 missions after mission 5 figured out...

Mission 6: After gaining a foothold in arcturus, the NDF now has a firm base operating in the arcturus system.

 After negotiations over the news with the vardrags, it turns out that the vardrags previously possessed this system, however the gorgs found a way in through a gate unknown to them [the vardrags] and invaded.

 A cataclismic battle erupted, the gorgs were victorious, but took severe losses to the vardrags, a heavy cost to gaining a star system.

 The vardrags believe that there may be a few ships still intact at that ancient battlefield, one particular vessel they believe is called the atlantis, is rumored to be carrying sensitive data that has the coordinates to the gate the gorgs entered arcturus from to invade the system. Gaining this information may lead to the discovery of yet another system.

 The covenant is given orders to go to the location of this battlefield, find the atlantis, search her for intel, and then report back to the NDF outpost.

Mission 7: After finding the coordinates to the unknown gate, the covenant has now been given the honor to lead the assault upon the gorg forces that gaurd it.

 Who knows what kind of things lie on the other side of that gate.

Mission 8: With the Gorg forces protecting the second arcturus gate eliminated, the Covenant fleet was able to enter the gate and discover the Hel system. However, something seems, off, with the Hel system, as if there is a sinister twist in it's formation.

 After fully exploring this system, the chilling theories have been confirmed. Hel is a parrellel system to the sol system.

Now the Covenant fleet must gaurd the build up of a base on the Hel side of the gate, if the gorgs roaming the system manage to destroy the already completed defenses and the support ships leading the effort, the covanent fleet will find itself unable to stage missions without risking the chance for the gorgs in hel to attempt to re-take Arcturus.

Mission 9: With the gorgs pushed back from the hel to arcturus gate, the Hel gate alpha base is now completed, and reinforcements are now arriving from arcturus.

Now NDF command wants the covenant fleet to examine an asteroid field in hel that a scout went through days earlier, the recon data suggest that there are a field of abandoned gorg, raptor, and vardrag vessels in the area. There was even a recon photo taken of a mysterious ship, the same type that the X-ship is based off of.

With the X-ship now in the Covenant fleet, if anything still moves in that wreckyard, it will not be much of a problem for the fleet... or will it...?

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