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Off-Topic / Technological Mecca
« on: November 26, 2011, 06:06:35 »
This is to tech lovers like arparso...

here is a mecca for technology... ENJOY!

Off-Topic / Let the Hilarity ENSUE!!!!!!!!
« on: October 28, 2011, 04:00:47 »
just watch this and see if you think its funny.... :P

Knox's Korner- Bungee Jumping Time!

I consider this one of the funniest claymations out there....

... but then theres THIS ONE.....  ;D

Knox Korner - pankake mines

 Ive been saying this a bit in the scripting section, but i wanted to go more in depth here, because this section is more related to the subject at hand.

  again im CONSIDERING to create a campaign in the near future. ill update this subject once in a while when i get a new part for it set in stone.

UPDATE: this campaign will be spanning EIGHTEEN missions, instead of the FOURTEEN i was planning on

General Discussion / Previously Unknown Camera control?
« on: October 21, 2011, 22:38:51 »
I ran into what MIGHT be a new camera control while i was creating a system in the system editor.

If you hold down Ctrl + right mouse button, the camera will rotate along the Z axis (i think thats the right axis)

If everyone here already knows of this... well... that would be my second bust when it comes to finding new things...  :P

Scripting / Kamikazes in Nexus?!?!
« on: October 04, 2011, 04:01:54 »
I forgot to mention this...

i was messing around with the tacticstypes.ini (PROPERLY) for the skirmisher at normal settings, if you set the type to 4 for any weapon thats equipped on a certain ship, the ship literally goes flying at the target!

could it be possible to make a kamikaze move after this?  ???

Modding Tools / Secrets of the Editor, and Modeling programs....
« on: September 29, 2011, 01:00:55 »
Firstly, i wanted to know if anyone has found any other secrets that the nexus editors (BOTH OF THEM) have hidden.

second off... i wanted to know a bit more about the modelling programs before i considered getting one...

1- what is the best 3d modelling tool if you dont want to spend any money on it and is easy to use?

2- where can you get it?

Help / Technical Support / Differences between the different angelwings?
« on: September 25, 2011, 22:40:07 »
I just read the angelwing topic, and i was wondering what the heck the differences were between the three types of angelwings besides the angelwing_m (its obvious whats different about that one).

IS there any difference between the other three?  ???

Me again, this has been on my mind for a day or two and i'd thought of sharing it with you guys...

If you have not heard of X3: terran conflict, you can find a good overview of it here...

I remember playing this game a few months ago and beating the main campaign, and i tell you guys, the next one, X-rebirth (theres already news about it, heres the site Looks like Nexus on a crap load of steriods. the graphics look absolutely awe inspiring!

Although the graphics in X3 terran conflict werent too shabby, the graphics for nexus seem much better, but then consider the fact that X3 uses VERY few 2d objects.

there are multiple races, just like in nexus, but as im aware, nexus only has 7 major races, and two minor ones.

X3 has 9 major races, and no minor races. Though there ARE companies, which are kindof like minor races, as well as the ATF, which is a specific branch of the terran fleet to counter the Xenon.

heres a list of them

Terran: (basically us, heavily shielded and armed ships)

Argon: (us in a commonwealth gov't and having a dif. homeworld, argon prime)

Paranid: (religious alien race, efficient, but lack of imaginitive spacecraft, good all round ships)

Split: (Another alien race, consists of warring families, such as the Whi and Rhonkar families, ships are heavily armed but dont have very good shields.)

Boron: (peace loving aliens that have a grudge with the split, have ion weapons that can rapidly drain sheilds)

Teladi: (alien race of naturally born expert traders, ships are decent, but basically look like junk, this is to save themselves cash)

pirates: (yes... theres even pirates, you can actually become one even, they have their own ships and can be quite a hassle if you underestimate them, i died at least 4 times because of them)

Kha'ak: (insectoid alien race, use pyramid-like ships, fighters are extremely dangerous, were the main bad guys of X3: Reunion (Prequel to X3: Terran Conflict), their ships are numerous, fast, and their missiles are almost certain doom to fighters.)

And my personal favorite:

Xenon: (MACHINES!!! awesome black and red vessels, very efficient, well protected ships. (The Xenon Qs are nasty little buggers, though, if you ever play that game WATCH OUT! they can take you down in a Destroyer (battleship) in no time if you're not careful!) The Xenon K (their battleship) and J (carrier) are able to equip weapons from almost all of the races! (but they dont have their own, which stinks))

Ship classes of the Xenon:

Xenon J (carrier) ((BIGGEST ship class in game))
Xenon K(Destroyer) ((Second biggest ship class in game))
Xenon LX (Heavy Fighter) ((it looks like two Ls stuck together, have yet to capture one and i have destroyed at least 40 in my attempts. they are SO badass...  :P))
Xenon L (Fighter)
Xenon M (interceptor)
Xenon N (scout)
Xenon P (corvette)
Xenon PX (Heavy corvette)
Xenon Q (Frigate) ((third biggest class of ship in the game))

I have heard of people modding X3 so that they can use Angelwing in that game, why not get the Xenon ships and stick 'em in nexus and call it a mod?

Scripting / More on Possible devices....
« on: September 23, 2011, 01:06:08 »
If you guys haven't seen the post i put up in the mods section, you can check it out here... i have some other ideas i hatched up...,321.0.html

Ive been thinking up of another set of ideas, bear with me.  ;)

--- WEAPONS ---

1. A type of siege laser weapon that is capable of punching through a ship and impacting anything behind it. (like a rail gun)

2. A slow, extremely powerful missile that unleashes a sort of firestorm (or an extremely strong, temporary cloud of radiation) on anything a distance in front of it upon detonation. (the moment the enemy destroys the missile is the moment it goes off, or if it hits its intended target the missile simply spews the stuff in a radius around it's detenation point.)

3. a shielded missile perhaps? EDIT: slower, nearly as powerful as a cataclysm missile. damages shields AND hulls (hulls much more than shields)

4. the eWind being capable of pushing ships a good distance away. EDIT: as well as temporarily disabling the engines of a ship

5. The disruptor being capable of temporarily 'Knocking out' a ship. NOTE: the lifepods DO NOT leave the ship. EDIT: the bigger the ship, the shorter the time it is knocked out.

6. Maybe a laser that can hit targets in a chain? (I.E. it strikes one enemy ship, then jumps from that ship to another enemy ship and hits it... etc.) EDIT: does more hull damage than normal lasers, has a chance to damage multiple devices at the same time (on one ship).

--- PHYSICS ---

1. Collisions, its really silly to see ships get extremely close. EDIT: ships take shield damage if their shields collide, hull damage when hulls collide, the higher the speed at impact, the more damage.


EDIT: anybody think any of this stuff is feasible in the nexus coding? I dont mind at all if you guys want to see if you can code for any of this stuff on your own. Shoot a reply if you get any success with any of this stuff!

Hope you guys like the ideas...  8)

Off-Topic / Smarty pants time....
« on: September 22, 2011, 04:29:43 »
OK, so machines are getting smarter and can now talk to themselves. but what about 70 years ago?

70 years ago.... the germans tried to make a battleship-size worthy tank...... wait WHAT?!?!?!  :o

check this bad boy out!  8)

Landkreuzer P1500 "Monster", 80cm horror gun!

This baby would have had 250mm of armor on the front alone, crewed by 100+ men, 138 feet long, 60 feet wide and 24 feet tall, and have a couple dozen machine guns.

and yes, the last image of it is crappy, i know.  :(

reply if you want to....  :P

Mod Development / Released Mods / Perhaps a Add on to Nexus is in order?
« on: September 22, 2011, 03:52:52 »
 I know im new, but, around where i live im known for crazy ideas.... that sometimes work!

 And my newest crazy idea? a patched up nexus, every ship, Weapon, Sheild and support device from the tactics spreadsheet AND the nexus_oo.DAT file in the game as intended by the creators in the first place... and more!

heres a rather thick list...

--- SHIPS ---

+ Firstly, the odd-ball NDF Corvette. Useless? not to me! Simply size up the sheilds, add a tail section (it looks really odd without that), and strengthen the hull a bit, and voila! you got yourself a fast, light, manuvuerable non-fighter strike craft!   :P

+ Where did the gorg frigate go? if they have destroyers, cruisers, and battleships, why not frigates? especially if the NDF has them! (same goes with the ghosts)

+ The Alien_meet Object seems to be a model for some kind of locust destroyer, anyone else think so?

+ And what kind of fighter force would be complete without a mini-missile loaded fighter/bomber? that would be sweet to see!

--- RACES ---

+ The Locusts dont seem to have everything the creators intended, assuming from the Alien_meet object i mentioned above. Perhaps a KING Locust could act as a battleship? And maybe a PRAETORIAN Locust as a cruiser?   ???

+ The mysterious white cruiser, not only does it look sweet, but there are even an uncompleted destroyer, carrier AND fighter that seem to be supposed to go with it. It would be awesome to see those models completed and background info for them too. Could they be the creators of the mechanoids, who were obliterated by their own godly creation? who knows!!!!!  :o

--- WEAPONS ---
Now this is where it gets crazy....  :P

+ A plasma thrower, thats right, a PLASMA THROWER, it SHOULD be feasible, if they have a plasma GUN we could EASILY model a plasma THROWER off of it. As for the purpose? either to fry fighters in bunches or overpower shields, and maybe cook old school ships while were at it...  :P

+ A laser weapon that is similar to the siege laser, only on impact it exlpodes and does damage like a missle. im thinking other than that it would work similarly to the siege laser, what do you guys think?  :-\

+ The locusts lack weapons other than the orbs of ion energy that the warriors spit out... maybe the queen can produce a massive wad of the stuff? we could also have ion lasers. AND maybe a gun that fires ion energy like a magma plasma gun!

+ If someone hasnt already, we could also complete the disruptor, eWind, Compensator, Neutrino Beam, and IonWhip weapons that the developers of NEXUS left unfinished, the disruptor and eWind DO have shot animations, but other than that they still need some work done.  :-\

+ More on the Ionwhip, if anyone has seen the Nexus 2 concept video, they show a ship firing a whippy stream of yellow energy at another ship, if someone has developer-like modding skills, we could be able to model the ion whip after that!

--- SHIELDS ---

+ could it be possible to make a reflective shield? one that reflects energy based weapons back at the ship that fired it on the shield? that would be really neat!

+ perhaps another one could be made to absorb a percentage of energy from energy weapons and charges up the weapons on the shields user in return. that would be really sweet to see happen!

--- SUPPORTS ---

+ The only thing i had here was to fix the secondary weapon generator, i heard it doesn't do anything....


Reply if you so choose to, im sure some of this stuff is too good to pass up!

Edit: I KNOW for a fact i probably dont have the skills to program all this up myself, nor the tools, if anyone gets a lit lightbulb from what i jotted down here let me know. If you're interested with any of this, but have questions, lay 'em on me! ;)

Scripting / The AI and You
« on: September 22, 2011, 02:29:37 »
I had a few questions on scripting the AI.

1. Can you set it so the AI activates when any ship you have enters a certain area in the scene?

2. How do you code for a fleet to enter the scene via jump?

And a question out of curiosity....

3. Could it be possible to create a program sort of like the trigger/condition/event programs found in editors of games, such as AOE 3, that can be used to easily create code for an AI? if so that could be a really neat tool. If not it was just an idea.  :-\

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