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[Tool] Installer
« on: June 03, 2011, 02:34:33 »
Since I got tired of having a pretty large ammount of people in the SG:WB complaining about "errors" that only appeared out of a faulty installation, I set out to create a simple installer tool for the mod. While I was at it I realized how simple it would be to make it also a patching tool and also how simple it would to just make it generic to any installation and patching.

Patch or install any given ammount of files or folders in the Nexus directory (the program will automatically detetect it by looking at your regedit).

- Drop the folders or files you want to install or patch inside the Resources folder and edit the file present there called "mover.ini"
- In that file, you'll have to specify which one of those folders or files you'll want to move. You don't have to list every file in every subfolder, just the ones present in the Resources folder, the program will move recursively the content of each folder present, so don't worry.
- Then, point out where you'll be wanting to move each file/folder. The syntax is laid out in more detail in the mover.ini file, but here's an example:

"Stargate: Mod" --> "mods\"
"_templates" --> "mods\NEXUS Skirmisher\"

Remember that the program is case sensitive.

Once all that is done, all there's left to do is run the .jar file. And be scarred for life as how ugly the ui is. I apologize for that... but Swing doesn't leave a lot to work on...

Download the Nexus Installer here

You'll need the latest Java build for this program to work.

EDIT: Updated to revision #11, fixing a good number of bugs.

Since this is an Open Source project, you can access the source files here, via SVN. And as such you're more than welcome to download it and perform any changes you see fit for your mod.
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