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Author Topic: Dead Island  (Read 4383 times)

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Dead Island
« on: February 18, 2011, 01:06:48 »
I do like me some zombies from time to time, but the new Dead Island trailer just blew me away... this is great stuff, right there. Somehow they managed to make "zombie apocalypse in holiday resort" appear totally serious, gruesome and most of all: emotional. The horrible fate of the little girl and her father, beautifully animated and shown partially in reverse, is really, truly engaging.

Dead Island: Official Announcement Trailer

Now for all I know the game might end up being crap. It's been in development for god knows how long and the developer and publisher aren't exactly known for their high-quality AAA titles... still, that trailer is amazing no matter what.

Apparently, there's also a bunch of new screenshots:

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Re: Dead Island
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2011, 01:27:29 »
Got to agree with you there Arparso, that's a damn good trailer. If the games half as good then it'd be quite interesting. Will have to keep an eye out...
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