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General Discussion / Campaign changes - Need Help
« on: November 25, 2012, 11:21:20 »
Hello folks,

I rediscoverd Nexus TJJ a few days ago and i still love it :)
I tried to succesfully end the campaign on professional, which is nearly impossibil.

So I wanna change my ressouce point amount and unlock all devices and weapons from the start.
I googled and found this:

But i still do not understand WHERE I can change the ressouces point and WHERE I controll WHEN every Device or Weapon is avialabe in the Nexus Tactics Excel file.
And at least I have to know where the tactics.ini file is, i readed a lot about but i still do not find it.
And of course if there is a another (easier ;)) way to achive what i want, maybe with the tactics.ini file...
I would apprciate any Help :D


Help / Technical Support / Resolution don't work on 1900x1200
« on: August 28, 2011, 13:45:58 »
Hi at all,

At first: I read the Guide in the topic, but it doesn't help. I'd used the regedit and the right way.
(my system windows 7 64bit) so i change the width und the high to 1900 and 1200 (on dezimal!) ...

And ... it doesn't work  :-\
Ingame the Options like to ignore my changes on the resolution before and after the using of the regedit.

Please help me  :)

Mfg Nahdar

General Discussion / A few questions ...
« on: February 26, 2011, 14:53:21 »
Hello everybody,

At first a big, big thank you to arparso for this awesome tool. Nexus is an old game but still one of the best that I know.

My Questions: I think I have understood the basic system of Skirmischer what I do But it has long been a headache when I use the settings the single player, not the way I set the ship completely. It lacks the single most important object, the weapons generators. Is there a way to change the single-player ship so I can add my request already loaded weapons without the bombers and fighters to delete it?

I hope this is possible, if not. Maybe Arparso thinking about a new version of the Skirmisher?

Sorry for my bad english, i used the Google Translator ...

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