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General Discussion / Re: Trainer for patched 1.01 Version
« on: April 18, 2012, 20:30:09 »
Nobody?? no trainer??  :(

General Discussion / Trainer for patched 1.01 Version
« on: April 05, 2012, 16:16:03 »
i've looked arround for some nexus trainers,
but all trainers i found won't work with my nexus.
it seems that the problem is, that they are made for the 1.00 version of nexus.
has anybody a trainer (res points) for german nexus 1.01?
or can somebody tell where to find?


Help / Technical Support / play without cd
« on: December 27, 2011, 18:14:17 »
i've read this closed no-cd crack post,
but is there any possiblity to play the game without cd??
i'm tired of putting the cd into drive every time i only want to play a short skirmisher battle.
that's nerving me and i think other people also.
like the other one said, the no-cd crack things around the i-net don't look really serious.
so is there the way to play without??


oh no i didn't run the beta11, i found that warbeginsskirmisher files in the STESC skirmisher folder, where i also found the STESC_skirmisher itself. so maybe the modder from the STESC used your warbeginsskirmisher as a blueprint for his own STESC_skirmisher??

it works very fine. why do you thought it wouldn't work with other mods?

my version:                                                   last edit on:
warbegins_cinema_mode_ai.mach_             27.04.2009   12:31
warbegins_cinema_mode_obj.mach_           26.01.2005   01:26
WarBeginsSkirmisher_ai.mach_                    04.05.2009   19:12
WarBeginsSkirmisher_obj.mach_                  26.04.2009   16:21

hm, but i have no problems using the warbeginsskirmisher mission type for other mods like UAW and especially for the ST Enhanced Space Combat mod. it works fine, without any problem. it seems like, the warbeginsskirmisher works a little bit better with the ST Enhanced Space Combat than its own STESC_skirmisher, because the ships fight and fly better, but maybe this is only subjective awareness.
are there any known bugs/problems if i using the warbeginsskirmisher with other mods??

oh, that's very interesting.
so it's better to take the warbeginsskirmisher for the battles.
thanks, for your answer.

one more question:
what's the hyperspace effect? and why it need to be handled in skirmisher?

hi, in the star trek enhanced space combat mod i found the mission type STECC_Skirmisher.
is there any difference between the mission-type STECC_Skirmisher and the WarBeginsSkirmisher?
or they are the same, only titled different??


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