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Multiplayer / Nexus multiplay is lost
« on: July 19, 2012, 07:12:44 »
Nexus was installed through steam. I click on multiplayer and it just goes through a seemingly endless cycle of connecting...waiting...connecting... When I try to run STEC multiplay, it says "cannot find steam" however when I open the game it's in multiplayer mode. Connecting...Waiting...Connecting... So I was thinking that both the vanilla and the modded Nexus can't find steam. Can anybody help them find it?

Downloaded STEC but couldn't find where to put it. Just to try it I clicked on the one application in the winrar window-the skirmisher. The default place where it wanted to put itself told me where to put the actual mod. However, since the application had already installed the skirmisher, I extracted the actual mod separately. Now, there is no STEC mode in the skirmisher. Is there a way I can fix this or do I need to re-install?

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