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Multiplayer / Nexus Hub (Hamachi for 256 players)
« on: October 05, 2011, 14:37:08 »
Hello everyone

Let's join and play Nexus multiplayer again! Hamachi network for 256 players is up and running. Network ID is: 078-889-655  Pass: Nexus

However, this network is only  pre-paid for one month now and in order to keep it running for much longer your donations are needed.


Thanks for your support and have a nice playing.

General Discussion / Future of Nexus Modding
« on: August 16, 2011, 17:53:42 »
Hi, following message is from ModDB

Greetings to All of you,

as you can see this message is intended to every Nexus mod maker here on ModDB. First of all, try to ignore my grammatical bullshits and I'm sending big pardon for them in advance.

We all have been doing a great job on our Nexus mods. We are sharing our knowledge about everything that Nexus modding can offer. We are helping each other as far as we can (or we should be at least). But we can do much more. You can be asking "what the heck you mean more" now. Well, there is still plenty things we can do.

You can also ask why you should do more when this is only hobby of yours, something that helps you relax. Yes, it is also mine hobby. But tell me, don't you want people to know about your mod, let them play it and be happy about it, make game developers know that you are here and capable of great things, be recognized for this, find more helpers through popularity of your mod to fulfill your vision? We all want to achieve something with our mod and doesn't matter if that thing is selfish or not.

Ok, what more we can do then? We need to work together even more! How? There is plenty of ways. Find fan-sites that are about your mod and ask them to promote you. Use local Nexus Fan Group to link your news and releases with it. We can create weekly news about all modding progress on local Fan Group. We can try to promote our mods at magazines about gaming. We can start working on CEP mod that will help us to get together even more and discover more things about Nexus modding. We can launch great united campaign during MoTY 2011 and by getting as much mods as we can to Top100 we can promote ourselves greatly and perhaps find some new blood for us. Try to find donors for our hubs like Nexus Skirmisher's Forum and creating multiplayer ecosystems. All is just about greater cooperation.

I know that all might seem a little bit visionary or crazy but think about it.
then this part
As you may know, I have posted news posts about BSG and Freespace on HerniWeb.cz (Czech gamming magazine) and those posts gained many hits and positive feedbacks. I can take it there even further to have news posts and articles about most of Nexus mods and even get support for us during MoTY2011 (it can be from dozens to hundreds votes). I have big "credit" there, so it won't be hard to persuade general editor about this but we will also have to give them something for that. That "something" should be (I think) adding their promotion banners (or links to their web) into every our news post and some promotion on our mod homepages as well. What do you think?

Then there was talk about:
- Creating community hub
- Reviving podcast idea

Many agreed with this "power upping" of Nexus Modding but I ask them to show this support again on this public place.

General Discussion / Propaganda - Let them know about Nexus!
« on: May 02, 2011, 22:21:33 »
Topic for discussion about Nexus propaganda. Give ideas and suggestions and show how you are giving people know about Nexus! Do not forget people, if people are not aware that we are here, they can't play our mods and contribute.

Well, what I have for propaganda. I'm going to use my new status of redactor/reviewer of Herniweb.cz (Czech internet game magazine) to promote every top mod release. Also, I'm going to retroactively post something about Freespace mod release soon. I would be really happy if Arparso could give me some info about next release, maybe about ships, improvements or approximate release date.

General Gaming / Post your Top5
« on: March 23, 2011, 21:48:45 »
Here you can post your list of top5 games.
This is mine:

1. Fallout2
2. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
3. UFO: Enemy Unknown
4. Lost Vikings
5. Syndicate

PS: Frag, that is quite vintage list. Well, except that Nexus.

Topic subject says pretty much all. When I have animated docks on ships, weapons are targeting mainly them and that is quite irritating. Weapons do not have set for targeting devices. Any idea how to fix this?

Also, here is picture of dock setting in layout:

General Discussion / Playing on tablet devices
« on: March 12, 2011, 20:57:42 »
Playing Nexus on a tablet device is really interesting experience. Few moves of hand and your fleet goes to a battle. It's great new way how to play and I think, I will play entire campaign again just because of this.

Have anyone else had chance to play Nexus on a tablet device?

General Gaming / Warhammer(40k) gaming
« on: March 05, 2011, 23:17:19 »
Ok guys, who is Warhammer fan here? Are you looking forward to any Warhammer game or what Warhammer games are you playing?

I'm really looking forward to play Space Marine and I'm active player of DoW2 and Age of Reckoning.

Scripting / Activating/deactivating animations through script?
« on: February 01, 2011, 11:47:07 »
Here is a simple question about difficult matter: Can be animations like #anim attacked# or #anim def# activated/deactivated through script?

For what?: Jump in/out animations (Destiny engine charging, Galactica's docks etc.). In-game cinematic without need of CGIs for simple animations. And other things you can think off.

Modding Tools / Extended Mod Tools
« on: September 30, 2010, 21:28:16 »
Official modding tools are becoming out of date more and more thaks to the progress that is made by our modding community every day. There are many new tools (DatXtract, Tacticstype tool) and new discovers (shortcuts, command line arguments) made by modding community but not everyone knows about all of them and 'smaller' moders have no idea these things even exist. I suggest to create new pack of modding tools enritched with our knowledge and discovers in order to make modding easier for everyone.

Extended Mod Tools should contain:
- DaToo (creaeted by ElFarto)
- DatXtract (creaeted by Arparso)
- Tacticstype tool (creaeted by Mularac)
- StarMap_viewer.bat (for quick opening of Campaign StarMap)
- Modding Appendix.doc (document containing most of shortcuts, command-line arguments etc.)
- Icon Creation.pdf (creaeted by The Old Dragon)
- Modding manual in other languages

What do you think about this idea? What would you add there?

Mod Development / Released Mods / Modding Appendix
« on: September 17, 2010, 13:14:31 »
Okie-dokie people, here are some things I have been able to find during my modding years. Some of these things are new and some are old but not everyone knows about them. I hope,  you will find anything useful or interesting in it.

←,↑,→,↓ Changing X and Y coordinates of selected star system
Num 4,8,6,2 Changing X and Y coordinates of selected star system
Ctrl + Shift + Num 2 and 8 Changing Z coordinates of selected star system
Ctrl + Shift + F4 Restarts time and positions of all objects
Ctrl + Shift + Y Unknown command (makes program work slow)
Ctrl + W Summons Watch window
Ctrl + Plus (+) Starts time and jumps forward in time (planets are rotating, comets are moving etc.)
Ctrl + Minus (-) Starts time and jumps backward in time (planets are rotating, comets are moving etc.)
Holding Ctrl + Plus (+) Time flows faster
Holding Ctrl + Minus (-)Time flows faster (reverse)
Ctrl + Shift + F8 Shows stats (fps, poly, line, prts, wrld, box, free)

The travelling parameters of the shot:
 <param1>:   5: makes a ship equipped with this device to ram to enemy ship (animation is not working properly)      

Ctrl + W Summons Watch window
Ctrl + Shift + J Selection and camera jumps on the first created ship and delets bounds
Ctrl + Shift + Y Creates error – Assertion Failed File:tmovie.cpp Line: 118 Expression: SndTrk.OpenOut(sfn, 0, false)
Ctrl + Shift + Num Delet (,) Delets selected ship
Ctrl + Shift + F8 Shows stats (fps, poly, line, prts, wrld, box, free)
During running mission
Ctrl + Shift + T Opens dialog window
Ctrl + Shift + 1 Hides control GUI
Ctrl + Shift + Del Loosing mission
Ctrl + ↑,↓  Ship stats

+,-   Zoom in/out
Ctrl + Q Closing program
S Rising/Dropping shield
0 (Zero) Increasing size of engine flares
Ctrl + 0 (Zero) Decreasing size of engine flares
Ctrl + Right mouse button Rotating ship model

5 Works Everywhere
Ctrl + H Makes screenshot

6 Scripts
GuiSelect(1) - Pre-mission GUI
GuiSelect(2) - Star map GUI
GuiSelect(5) - Options
GuiSelect(6) - Nothing
GuiSelect(7) - Main Menu
GuiSelect(8) - Assertion fail - File: gi.cpp Line:30
GuiSelect(9) - Nothing
GuiSelect(10) - Start Server
GuiSelect(11) to (13) - Unknown Error

Mod Development / Released Mods / Nine and more Normal weapon slots
« on: August 11, 2010, 21:25:44 »
Having maximal 8 slots for Normal weapons is no more truth. Eight is not enough sometimes and here is the ultimate solution of our problem.

1.  Go to your tacticbase and delete your siege weapon line
2. Change Normal weapon line to  1  9    -   90   31 32 34 35 ;      (original line 1  8    -   90   31 32 34 35 )
3. Make sure you have no old sets for siege weapon in your tactictypes
4. Now, you can use #slot 9# for normal weapons
5. Enjoy more firepower

And if you are not using any flak weapons in your mode you can expand to 13 normal weapons (1  13   - 90 31 32 34 35 ). You can do same thing in order to get more flak and siege weapons.

Note: I'm going to try if nexus can use more then 24 slots, if so, we would be able to use 'unlimited' number of weapons.
Note2: It seems, there can not be more then 24 slots.

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