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Possibilities and limits to Nexus modding ?


Hi all,

I got Nexus for a long time, but after swith to Linux it ddn't work any more, now I discovered PlayOnLinux and it's back ^-^

I would like to try some modding and I would like to know the limits of Nexus modding, to see if it can fit my needs... Particularly, I would like to know about missions and how they can be chosen by the player, and about stellar system and the degree of complexity that can be achieved...

Anyone has hints on that ? Of course, I'll read the wiki and all, but it'll take some time. Thanks in advance for any hint !

The Old Dragon:
Hi Mutos,

That's kind of a hard one to answer. Unfortunately, you won't know if Nexus suits 'your needs' until you get stuck into it.

The original modding idea of the devs was to allow us to create stand alone missions (campaigns can be done but they're a very different and cranky beast!) that players can simply select from the mods menu.

As you've already mentioned the wiki, I'll just say that you'll find some step by step guides on there for both mission and star system creation. They should help dip your toes in Nexus modding, which can get fairly complex.


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