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[CEP] How far do we stray?


Questions to the participants of this 'little' project.

For instance, do you feel my little relabeling of planets and moons in sol system is worthy of extending to the other star systems in the game? Should objects within star systems be open for repositioning in order to simplify or make them more visual interesting? That last one would likely need fixed positions in briefings to be reworked.
There's a dozen or so unused device meshes in the earth\devices map. Do we link existing weapons to these to show more diversity?
Do we use or switch other meshes from within the game? I am for instance fond of the kisszallito_01 model over the escape_pod model as old Earth shuttle. The latter looks too Noahish to me.
Or even models from outside? I spotted a nice usable fighter model or two in Arparso's Freespace Evolution mod with not too many polies (if he's willing to see it used elsewhere).

The Old Dragon:
I'm all for it, I believe there are quite a few incomplete and unused meshes. Having these finished and put back into the game would be great. As far as idea's for down the line go, I'd like to add some background activity to the mission areas and look at tweaking ship movement.

Definitely true regarding unused and unfinished meshes.
Background activity? You mean extra secondary objectives, or 'civilian' traffic/objects not directly related to the mission at hand? There are a couple missions (especially the ones with stations in it) that lend themself for that.

Might have a look into all the concept art here

and read about Zsolt wishes on the future of Nexus

The Old Dragon:
For background activity, I was thinking of independent events such as a convoy jumps into (or out of) the system and docks at the station or pirates that mount a raid. In scenes where there are sufficient asteroids, we could have mining ships going about their business. Anything really that give the semblance of life to the Nexus Universe.

Although I get the concept that space is unimaginably large and you're not going to get lots life in one little area, sometimes Nexus just felt a little too sterile... there was just me and whatever I was sent there to kill :(


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