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(Temporary?) CEP repository files thread


Just thought I start a thread for this since I have a contribution for it. :)

The intro movie subtitles text adjusted so they're all readable in the four supported languages in a 16:9 screen ratio, and with Sargoth's little trick added so the lines are pushed up a bit.

Its likely this one was the hardest one to adjust, because it looks like it has the longest sentences of all the movies.
Placed in universe\texts\MOVIES.

A couple more files.

01.ini is Sargoth's, but I include it anyway for completeness sake.
07.ini and 02.ini play out one after the other, so I finished them both together.
08.ini is the same one as in my previous post.

Checked them all for the 5 supported languages

I do sometime have an issue of the subtitles hanging near the end, especially with 08.ini. But that could be my computer getting slow since the intro movie plays slower as well in the end.

As before, drop it in universe\text\MOVIES. :)

'kay. This one is done.

Excellent!  ;D


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