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CEP Revival?

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The Old Dragon:
Hi Folks,

Would anyone be interested in reviving the CEP mod that was discussed some time ago?

Sargoth and Geo have resized the briefings to fit widescreen resolution and some background textures; CmdrKoenig has fixed the current model converter and Arparso is looking into a new converting tool with improved capabilities. Add to that the new asteroids that I'm working on and I think we've already created a 'base' to work off.

I daresay Nexus could be reworked in many ways but it'll be a lot of work, what are your views on the idea?

It was really Sargoth's work. I merely commented/checked/tested on his progress. ;)

Anyway, I'd love to work on something like this. 8)
Infact, atm I'm tinkering with mission 1_1 so it plays out about all voice files made for this particular mission, and the ships act as their captains tell in said voice files. Not too easy though with part of the code checks not working, or being a leftover from a previous version of this mission.

I was planning on upping the quality of textures and models ;) But I'm having a hard time trying to get motivation going to get the movies done for widescreen first :-\

I can do that if you like. Nearly done with basic testing of the added code in mission 1_1 anyway.
I can attach the necessary files here and let you have a go at a more indepth test of my tinkering. See if it crashes or something, or dialogs playing out repeatedly...

Already did the first mission movie ;) and halfway through the second. If you wanna have a go at it, sure.

Have a look through the first one. The way I've set it up, the text will appear a bit higher on the movie and not have the bottom cut off.


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