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The Old Dragon:
Hi Folks,

After some big problems on my LT, I've taken up Geo's suggestion and begun rebuilding the asteroids into higher poly models. The old ones look to angular, here's a preview...

Still trying refine the textures as there are still some seams and stretch marks, but an overall improvement.

Quick question, do you think the higher poly count would have much of an impact?
I seem to remember having lots (and I do mean lots) of asteroids could cause a bit of lag.
In the above pic, there's about a 360 difference in the poly counts.

Edit: 16/02/2016  Asteroid Pack 1 added. Contains astreroids 1 to 5.
As they are reworked models, they are free to use in whichever project you wish.  All I ask is that you give proper credit to the Mithis team for the original models and myself for the rework in your project.

Simply unpack the file and put the .msh your /meshes/asteroids folder and the textures in the /textures/meshes folder.

I would recommend backing up the original files in a new folder incase you wish revert to the original models.
Enjoy :)

Well aren't you a sweetie. I was just doing the background ones


If you would give me the texture your using, I can incorporate that into the background asteroids. Would be much appreciated :)

Oh, wow. Way more then I bargained for. :o
I was merely hinting at making copies of the existing planetoids in the planets folder and linking these to other planetoid textures in the texture folder. But this is, to say it in Dr. Veltman's words, unbelievable!

With the converter working again, I thought of trying to recreate the Aerospace logo and putting it on those generic corporation textures made in the past. Combined with Kendo's Stiletto variation meshes that would give us the opportunity to have at least one other corporation with its own logo'd ship (the ISA stiletto), and the variations used as the ISA's ships.

The Old Dragon:
Certainly Sargoth, as long as the email I have for you is still valid, it should be in your inbox now. If not, pm me your email and I'll send it through :)

Thank you Geo, trying a different style on the next one to remove the seams and stretched patches. Hopefully look better. Arparso's NexTexC program should allow you to merge new details into the old textures.


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