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Updated Sol System file


Hi all.

Finally finished updating the ingame Sol.system map to today's standards (as compared to 2004 when the game came out).

Added several (dwarf) planets, moons, Jupiter's Trojans, and Centaurs (comets).
Also, I inverted the Solar System and added inverted textures for Earth and Mars.
The result is that Earth and Mars now rotate in the correct direction (east to west) and all objects orbit counter-clockwise around the sun. The 'dark sun' object from the lightning patch is also included for those who can see the effects with their graphics card.
Included as well are text files labeling the planets, moons, and objects, in the starmap to show more variety there.

How to add this to the game?

For starters, make a copy of the original files just to be on the safe side.
The files that overwrite existing files are sol,, diary_texts, gssm_details, and gssm_infos.
The texture files all have new names so don't overwrite existing files. They can simply be moved to textures\planets.

Thereafter, you can decompress the attached folder, and move the included files to the correct locations.
I added subfolders to show where each file has to go. Basically, its only to 3 folders, thus not much work.

Hope you enjoy this, and comments are welcome. :)

Awesome! thanks ;D

The Old Dragon:
Thank you Geo, downloaded and installed :)

Just wondering, but does anyone know if it is possible to reduce the ingame comet tail/cloud effect?
Its just that I added two comet-like object to the Solar System, but at present they're not really showing cometlike behavior because they're beyond Saturn orbit. Also, a reduced tail would perhaps be able to make the rings I added to Chariklo visible.


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