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Author Topic: New Concept idea: X3: Terran conflict + Nexus: TJI = ?  (Read 7518 times)

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New Concept idea: X3: Terran conflict + Nexus: TJI = ?
« on: September 24, 2011, 04:39:10 »
Me again, this has been on my mind for a day or two and i'd thought of sharing it with you guys...

If you have not heard of X3: terran conflict, you can find a good overview of it here...

I remember playing this game a few months ago and beating the main campaign, and i tell you guys, the next one, X-rebirth (theres already news about it, heres the site Looks like Nexus on a crap load of steriods. the graphics look absolutely awe inspiring!

Although the graphics in X3 terran conflict werent too shabby, the graphics for nexus seem much better, but then consider the fact that X3 uses VERY few 2d objects.

there are multiple races, just like in nexus, but as im aware, nexus only has 7 major races, and two minor ones.

X3 has 9 major races, and no minor races. Though there ARE companies, which are kindof like minor races, as well as the ATF, which is a specific branch of the terran fleet to counter the Xenon.

heres a list of them

Terran: (basically us, heavily shielded and armed ships)

Argon: (us in a commonwealth gov't and having a dif. homeworld, argon prime)

Paranid: (religious alien race, efficient, but lack of imaginitive spacecraft, good all round ships)

Split: (Another alien race, consists of warring families, such as the Whi and Rhonkar families, ships are heavily armed but dont have very good shields.)

Boron: (peace loving aliens that have a grudge with the split, have ion weapons that can rapidly drain sheilds)

Teladi: (alien race of naturally born expert traders, ships are decent, but basically look like junk, this is to save themselves cash)

pirates: (yes... theres even pirates, you can actually become one even, they have their own ships and can be quite a hassle if you underestimate them, i died at least 4 times because of them)

Kha'ak: (insectoid alien race, use pyramid-like ships, fighters are extremely dangerous, were the main bad guys of X3: Reunion (Prequel to X3: Terran Conflict), their ships are numerous, fast, and their missiles are almost certain doom to fighters.)

And my personal favorite:

Xenon: (MACHINES!!! awesome black and red vessels, very efficient, well protected ships. (The Xenon Qs are nasty little buggers, though, if you ever play that game WATCH OUT! they can take you down in a Destroyer (battleship) in no time if you're not careful!) The Xenon K (their battleship) and J (carrier) are able to equip weapons from almost all of the races! (but they dont have their own, which stinks))

Ship classes of the Xenon:

Xenon J (carrier) ((BIGGEST ship class in game))
Xenon K(Destroyer) ((Second biggest ship class in game))
Xenon LX (Heavy Fighter) ((it looks like two Ls stuck together, have yet to capture one and i have destroyed at least 40 in my attempts. they are SO badass...  :P))
Xenon L (Fighter)
Xenon M (interceptor)
Xenon N (scout)
Xenon P (corvette)
Xenon PX (Heavy corvette)
Xenon Q (Frigate) ((third biggest class of ship in the game))

I have heard of people modding X3 so that they can use Angelwing in that game, why not get the Xenon ships and stick 'em in nexus and call it a mod?
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