NEXUS Skirmisher


Download NEXUS Skirmisher

The current version of NEXUS Skirmisher is 0.61. It is available packaged with an automated installer or in a standard .zip-archive. If you're not sure what to get, get the installer-version, as it'll know already where to put the files and create shortcuts after installation.

Please make sure to also install the patch, as it fixes several potentially game-crashing issues.

Install NEXUS Skirmisher

If you're using the installer, just direct it to your Nexus installation directory. It won't override any files except older installations of the Skirmisher.

If you're using the .zip-archive, extract all files into your Nexus installation directory. Make sure, you keep the folder structure when extracting the files. It won't override any files except older installations of the Skirmisher. You can

Starting NEXUS Skirmisher

You can start the Skirmisher using the shortcuts created during installation, if you used the installer. Alternatively use the 'Nexus Skirmisher.exe' in your Nexus installation directory.

Download older versions

There are also older version of NEXUS Skirmisher available, although these don't feature all functions or bugfixes of the latest build. See the change log for more details on version differences.

Patch for Nexus to v1.01

Developer Mithis and publisher HD Interactive introduced a patch to v1.01 shortly after the game's release. Since the official website of the game has been taken down, I'll be hosting this patch on my site to keep it available at all times. You'll need to install the correct patch for your localized version of the game, or else the patch won't work. Right now I'm missing some localized versions of this patch, so if you have any I don't, then drop me a message, so that I can put them up here for public download.

If you happen to possess the US or the online-distributed Steam version, you won't need this patch. These versions are already up-to-date, so installing the patch won't be necessary.