NEXUS Skirmisher

NEXUS Skirmisher

The Skirmisher is a tool, that lets you create skirmish battles for the space real-time strategy game 'Nexus: The Jupiter Incident'. Play against the AI with fully configurable fleets and create exciting new battle scenarios. The Skirmisher is fully compatible with most available mods as well. Check the FAQ, if you're having any problems or register at the new forum to get some help.

Download NEXUS Skirmisher

The current version of NEXUS Skirmisher is 0.61. It is available packaged with an automated installer or in a standard .zip-archive. If you're not sure what to get, get the installer-version, as it'll know already where to put the files and create shortcuts after installation.

NEXUS Skirmisher v0.61: Installer | ZIP

Want to support the Skirmisher?

Running this website and the Nexus Wiki unfortunately costs time and money. If you want to support these projects, you can help by making a small donation. In any case, thanks to you!

New page is up

Monday, 03/09/2009

Finally got around to update this age-old website. I have written a much more extensive description and explanation of the Nexus Skirmisher, made a quick redesign (of the site, not the tool) and added a discussion forum for every visitor to participate. The official Nexus site is long gone now and so is the central communication platform for all remaining Nexus players and modders out there. However, I'm still getting surprisingly many downloads every month, so I'll hope to catch some of these lurking Nexus players to join up and register here at my forums.